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Betty Crocker has a recipe called Bonnie Butter Cake - It is fabulous and has a firm texture. If you can't find it PM me and I will give you the recipe. Real easy.
Question - does the color ever try or do you mean just to not touch it until it dries. Never worked with it but want to try.
Does anyone know if you can use the same printer that you have used regular ink with edibile ink. What I mean is I have an Epson printer that is compatible with the edible ink. Could I take out the regular cartridges and print with edible ink or would it contiminate the print.
Good luck, post pix when done.
I found it. Go to the forum "How do I" It is the 3rd one down "sticky" post. This should help.
Somewhere and I can't remember where someone posted directions on the "crooked cake" I copies it to a file but it is hard to read. Maybe the person who posted it will see this and send you to that post.Good luck.
Can you recommend how much extra, or is it just till it's stiffer.
Question - I am learning how to make roses. I went to Youtube and watched a couple of videos on making buttercream roses. My problem is that the BC got so soft that the rose kinda flattened out. It didn't look bad considering it was my first attempt ever, but I am trying to get something firmer that can stand up more. I have attached a pix so you can see what I mean. Any suggestios would be appreciated. My daughter (who is going to Johnson and Wales next year) said I...
I just ordered it. For the price it will be fun to try something new. Will let everyone know once I get it.
thanks so much. Quick question - how does 3 cakes split in 2 make 11 layers (is this new math?)LOLOLOL
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