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Did you think of asking the family if there was something that would mean something to the family? Did the deceased like a particular kind of flower or maybe have a hobby that could be depicted.I'm no expert - just a thought.
This is funny because I needed to post an almost identical question when I found adriana's post. I have the bavarian cream that comes in the tube. Does anyone know how long that lasts afater it is open and in the fridge.Adriana, could you pm me your recipe. Thanks.
I have not sold them at a fair but I have sold a couple dozen to some friends. I sell them for $5.-8 dozen depending on the kind. I use the candy melts from the local AC Moore/Michaels, not the real expensive stuff. My family actually like the cheaper stuff better (go figure)I also use the plastic containers that Shoprite puts 1/2 subs in. They gave me one to try and said they would sell them to me if I needed to. They fit 1 to 1 1/2 doz easily.Hope this helps
I've been told to but them in a brown bag with salt and shake it. The salt will remove any dust on them.
I have used bc icing to bind the cake balls. But what I use more is coffee creamer. Some of my favorites are white chocolate mocha and chocolate raspberry.(Inter Del White bottle) I use about 1/2 cup in cake from 1 box mix.Hope this helps.
Your cake balls are gorgeous. I have been making cake balls for a couple months now and use the fork method. It does pool a little a little. I usually cut off the excess with a knife if too much. How do you make them shaped like a pumpkin. Do you use a particular cake or just whatever yu want. Thanks
I am not familiar with this attachment. What exactly is it. I have the paddle, wisk and hook. Is this a new attachment.
Just got the 600 series myself (for Christmas Present) so I am not using it yet However, the one I currently have I have had for 28 years and it still works. The only thing is it makes a lot of noise, DH said the bearing are shot. Who am I to argue when he wants to buy me a new one for Christmas. Can't wait to use it!!!
You can always make cake balls out of the one that didn't come out that great!
I have a slightly different question regarding the Kitchen Aide Mixers. I have one that's almost 30 years old and am replacing it (DH giving it to me as Christmas Present). I have the one with the Lift and that is what I picked out to replace it (Motor is not doing well on old one, makes tons of noise and don't know how to fix). Anyway, what I wanted to ask if anyone has used both the lift and the one with the tilt head and which they feel is better.
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