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I'm really getting concerned with all these posts on KA mixers. I purchased (for Christmas) the Pro 600 series. I used it once, just to make sure it worked and it seems fine. I boxed it back up because, afterall, it is for Christmas. I am just very worried with all that is being said. I have a 5qt one that is 28 years old. The only problem is that it squeels terribly and I have no idea on how to fix it. I told my husband about the site posted above to fix them. I...
I just bought the Pro 600. Do you know if this is the newer one or not.
Okay, I decided the problem was 2-fold. 1. Puttin them in the fridge for too long and 2. Using white chocolate and coloring it with the gel colors. I think the gel put too much moisture into the chocolate.Solution. I went to AC Moore today and picked up the orange colored melts. I did a sample of a couple and kept them out of the fridge. Much better. I did add a little Crisco to the chocolate to think it down a little.I melt my chocolate in a cereal bowl if I am...
I"m jealous. I have a tiny kitchen and very little counter space. ENJOY!
I ca't give you any advice, I just want to say I feel so bad for you and I hope things get better.
I just finished a couple dozen cake balls that look like pumpkins. I followed the design from one of our fellow CC bakers. The problem I have is this:I made them - no problem. I dipped them in white chocolate (melts) with orange color (gel). I added some crisco to thin out (one batch I added some veg. oil as the orginal maker did). After they were coated I put them in fridge. When I took them out they sweat. I do not have this problem with other cake balls I make. ...
Just out of curiousity, why can't you use latex gloves - is it for allergy reasons?
Look - you're no longer a newbie you are now a Junior Member. Yeah.And to the person with the melted jolly ranchers - give it up. What is that all about and what do you use it for.
I freeze mine for at least 1 hour (or you can do the night before and freeze all night) I use aprox. 1 tbls. crisco to about 1 lb. of melts.
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