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I hear you. I was thinking the same thing. I actually mark the holder they sit on. Problem is evenually I will have too many tips for the box I have.
Note - I only used the shortening when I used the microwave. About 1 Tbls to 1/2 lb give or take. I found I did not need it with the double boiler. Try first without
I think Julia 53 is right - "FORTY" not "FOURTY". Just looked it up in Websters. I hope you can change it without much problem.
Are you accustomed to getting orders in the mail? If you are unsure, obviously you would not do anything until you had a phone conversation with the person and a deposit in hand. If it is legit it seems that the customer is a very organized person and knows exactly what she wants.Good Luck
Kerrym. I agaree with Cakemommy. I have been doing a lot of cake balls over the last couple of months and I know let them go from freezer ( I usually have them freezing for a while because I make them ahead of time and pull them out when I need them) to sitting on my counter for at least 15 to 30 min. Last night I did a great batch. I had to coat 3 dozen for a delivery today. I actually did something different (for me) that worked great. I usually always melt the...
Husband and daughter just made a very good point. You can have her sign off for herself, but she cannot speak for her guests They could have recourse against you if they got sick and found out that you knew there was a chance they could get sick.
Told my husband and daughter (daughter going to school next year for baking and pastry at Johnson and Wales) suggeste you a friend's kitchen.
Thanks, I think I will try that when I don't have a paid order. I knew if i came to my CC friends, I would get helpd. Love you guys.
Okay, so I am making 3 dozen cakeballs for delivery tomorrw and Ihave them all coated in milk chocolate - no problem. Next step is to drizzle colored chocolate over the milk chocolate - problem.Ihave one of those plastic botttles with the tiny tip on it that is supposed to be good for this type of thing. Well, it is great for the first 2 or so balls. After that it starts to get clogged. I have to tap it down, stick a tooth pick in the top and pray that it will work for...
I know this can rattle you, but you did say that with over 300 cakes done this B***H was the first to do this to you. Just brush her off as the B****H she is, cut your losses and learn from it.I know that is easy for me to say because I am not the one that it happened to. Just look back at all your testimonials from the HAPPY customers. Maybe that might help. Also, keep affirming to yourself that you are A GREAT BAKER.
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