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I think you should. You never know, there could be a question that you could answer for her that might clentch the deal. Good luck!
I have an invoice that I use that is really simple. Granted they are only for cake balls, but I started out at top with a place to put the customer, phone number date ordered dated needed and comments. I then made a table that had columns for Amt, type of cake, special coatings, etc., and then the price and then I total it at bottom. I do not think you would want to put in packaging, labor, etc. that is all a part of the cost of the item.Hope this helps. If you pm me...
Please post pics when done
For some reason the link is not working
Be sure to use the "gel" colors. Wilton makes individual colors rather than buying a multi pack. This way you can get the exact color your need without having to blend. You can get them at Michaels or AC Moore (I live in NJ) They run about $1.69 ea.
Welcome Edee. I am fairly new too. I don't do a whole lot with cake decorating, but I do make and love cakeballs. If you are anything like me, you will become obsessed with this site. Love looking at the general and lounge forums to. Take care
I use the melts from AC MOORE. Don't know if you have that store by you. I have been using the double boiler instead of microwave. Find it works much better, never hardens because I cover the cake balls while the chocolate is sitting over the pot of hot water. I don't have to use any shortening either.
Even though it says error, it still posts. Everytime I see error, I first go back in and look to see if it made it.
I have been looking on this site for the better creme frosting. Someone talked about Rich's bettercreme. I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help?
Just got home from the movies - Couples Retreat. Funny movie. Also went to dinner first at a really good All you can eat chinese buffet.Brought pumpkin cakeballs into my chiropractor's office the other day and now have orders for over 9 dozen. Yippee. My think right now is cake balls. I love making them and they are easy and quick. Thanks to the CC gal who posted her pumpkin cake ball. Everyoneloves them.
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