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do you mean .8 oz? and 18oz. cake ball is huge. Mine are usually between .8 and 1.0 depending on the type of cake.
I charge $6/doz for regular (nothing fancy) and $8/doz for pumpkins, ones that are coated with rice krispies or choc. with cocounut or covered with peanuts. No mind you I use the chocolate melts from the craft stores, not the chocoalte from a candy store. I did a side by side comparison with my family and they like the cheaper stuff better. So this allows me to price them lower. Hope this helps.
I use fresh cake (or cake that has been frozen). You don't have to refridgerate. They will last longer if they are, but realize that when you first take them out they may sweat a little (or a lot). Let them sit out in the open for a little while and that should go away. I usually only refrigerate a little to harden.
Sorry this link doesn't work
I too am using the toothpick now. But what I did is got a piece of styrofoam and I stick the ball with the toothpick in the styrofoam to dry. No pooling and almost no dripping.
Another thought to add to K8memphis' suggestions. Are you going to accept credit cards. If not, you might want to have a sign on the register that you only accept cash. I now that is important to me because I almost never use cash. I always use my debit/credit card.Good luck.
hopw many cake balls would you say are on this cake. Also, If you don't mind sharing, what are you going to charge for this tree.
One box mix makes aprox. 3 dozen. I use aprox 1/2 cup coffee creamer (any flavor you choose). New trick I found to crumble cake. If you have a food processor, put pieces of cake in that. Crumbles great and if you have any hard pieces around the edges, it crumbles it great. I just scrape off the top if it is sticky. It does not mix well. HTH.
I add the cocount into the chocolate cake. then I dip in chocolate. I have also dipped in chocolate, rolled in coconut and then dipped in chocolate again. Makes a very big ball and is very messy. I prefer the first way.
I went to my local shop rite and they sell me plastic containers for $.50 each. I use the one that a small sub sandwich goes in. They hold about 1 dozen if you can stack a few. I also use a larger square containter that is about 8 or 9 inc. square. They hold 16 when not stacked. I use them for my pumpkin balls because you can't stack them.Hope this helps.
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