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I found a great site that gives information on Isomalt. My daughter is a pastry chef student at Johnson and Wales and is doing sugar art right now. If you go to and type in isomalt in the search bar it will not only give you information to purchase it but also a lot of information about isomalt. I found it very informative. Good luck.
I am very frustrated because I am trying to find if there is such a thing as a cupcake pan that is somewhere between the standard regular cupcake size and the jumbo muffin size. I found one company that advertises a pan that is 3.5 oz. (mine regular pan is 2oz.) however the measurements are almost identical to mine. My current pan measures 2.5 in. on top; 2 in. on bottom and 1 in. deep. the one that is 1.5 oz. more measures 2 3/4 in. on top; 1 5/16 in. on bottom and 1...
lilmissbakealot - thanks for your input. I realize from reading many other post regarding this I guess it isn't right for me to ask these questions. I just thought this was the right place to get some objective advice. Right now she is just baking for friends/family, but one day she WILL be a pastry chef. She is even doing her first internship at a very exclusive country club.
Thanks to all for your input.
My daughter is new at this and I am posting for her.She was asked to do an engagement cake, 1/2 sheet, 2 layer filled with something (not sure what yet). Most likely flowers and possibly an engagement ring/ring box on the cake.How much would someone charge for this type of cake. She wanted me to check local bakeries, but I figure they are going to charge more than what a new person (granted she is going to culinary school for baking/pastry and does excellent work).Thanks...
My daughter has been asked to make a fire truck cake for a 5 year old. Does anyone have one they did that she could look at. Thanks so much.
All this talk about chocolate icing, I wish I had an ocassion to make a cake. My next cake will have that chocolate icing. Thanks.
nice pix
Just curious why you wrap it in foil.
I have covered mine with non parells. I sprinkle them on as soon as I cover with chocolate. I coat maybe 2 and then sprinkle. I do not dip. I have not had any problems doing it this way. HTH
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