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I use the towel method to even out the bump as well. Learned it here on Cake Central and found it very helpful.
You can also get paraffin wax. It is sold in the baking aisle in a box. I shave a little in the chocolate, till the consistency is smooth. It also makes the chocolate shiny.
That is amazing.
I totally agree with Hooters Alicia.
Were I live in NJ the local Shoprite will sell me containers. I am not sure of the cost (as compared to online) but if you are in a pinch and need something fast, this might work for you. I know when we have bought a 1/2 shee cake box it was 2.00. Of course the cupcake containers would be much cheaper I am sure.
Would like to know if anyone can give me some advice. There are so many different brands of all purpose flour, King Arthur, Gold Medal, Store Brand. Is there really a difference? There is such a big difference in price.Some questions with shortening. I use Walmart brand for my buttercream, but am I better with Crisco brand.Thanks.
I use almost identical recipe, except mine calls for 1/2 butter 1/2 shortening and no salt. I also find that after a while (and being refrigerated) it doesn't stay creamy. Would also like a frosting that is a little creamier.
I would be very leary of this one. Unless you can see the people in person and get a cash payment up front, I would not risk it.
My daughter just got a pastry chef job in NJ through Craiglist. The employer used a cite called which handled the online application. It seemed very efficient as she got a call within hours of applying. She had a verbal interview of about 45 min. and then they called her in to do a "bench test". She brought up one of her favorite cakes and decorated it in front of them. She also worked an full shift (5am - noon) for them (unpaid). It also helped I am...
My daughter who is a professional pastry chef said it is called "true white" or "white white" and can be extremely expensive. They can also be used in sugar art (edible and inedible).
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