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Thanks! That's exactly what I tried first (Wilton Pink with a touch of Red-Red)... It didn't turn out deep enough. I then tried a little Wilton Violet, Americolor Burgandy and Americolor Fuscia. Everything turned out too purple-y. I decided to go with a bright hot pink. Not what I envisioned but oh well. Thanks so much!
I'm actually tinting royal icing.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
NYC "Vicinity" is pretty vague. Where are these classes being held?
Received a request for a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake. Anybody have a cookie dough cake batter recipe? Thanks in advance!
Specifically, near Palm Harbor. Anyone? Please email meThanks!
I had to make 100 cupcakes this morning but I only had one (12 cup) muffin pan so I ran out to Michaels to pick up another one. The only one they had was the Duff Goldman brand. I thought "a muffin pan is a muffin pan, right?"....WRONG!! I used a yellow DH box cake mix and divided 1/2 into my Wilton pan and 1/2 into my new Duff pan. I baked them side by side in my oven for 20 minutes. The cupcakes made in the Duff pan came out flat and with air bubbles on the top. ...
Not a hay bale but a hay stack... check out She made an adorable farm cake!
I also used the Wilton Cruiser pan on top of a sheet cake. I used a small oval cake plate with short pillars to hold the truck up. I have a pic on my Good luck! )
Thanks Krista and bigbie! You have been very helpful....I'm going to try it with the chips....keep your fingers crossed! Krista- I'm using the White Chocolate Buttercream Icing recipe found on the Wilton website.....I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again!
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