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maybe if you could mold and hand out of fondant and make it look like it's rockin.. you know the hand signs people do when they are at a rock concert and mold another hand with a lighter in it with a little "flame"... make it seem like the person is rockin.. I don't know.. that's just a thought.
K8memphis- Thank you for your quick response... I just covered it... SIGH~
I agree... take a little break (NAP). That way you will be more realxed and less likley to make mistakes... I'm sure it will turn out great!
Ok.. I am new to cake decorating. Only been doing it for about 4 months now. I have been requested to make a cool-whip icing like cake. Like the whipped icing they make at wal-mart. SO I did it.. it actually tasts pretty good and I was able to make it thick enough so it sticks, by using merengue poweder and geletin. The cake is for tomorrow (sunday Nov. 22 @ 3pm) I already covered the cake in this whipped icing... my question is, will the cake survive? I don't want it to...
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