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Hi, Sugardugar,Welcome to OKC! Here's a few places to check out while you're here:Midwest Bakers Suppy2716 NW 10th St.942-3489 (open from like 10 or 11a.m. to 4p.m. only and not on weekends, except during Xmas holidays)Cake & Party Stop1515 N. Meridian Ave942-4422Cake & Candy Connection8543 N. Rockwell722-3314 (Haven't been to this one in a few years, call before you go to make sure they are still open)Sweet Cherry's Bakery (has some supplies because she teaches)5116 N....
thanks, that's good to know......i'm making a note of it
oooooh, how pretty!
those are so cute. good job
aaah, i understand the reasoning now. thanks for the info.
i also have a concern with the limiting the amount of money you can make per year--$20,000. i don't quite understand the reasoning behind that. if you go over, you get fined? and if you earn that much in the first 6 months, you're done for the year? bakeries certainly aren't limited as to how much they can make... it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
i'm excited, too, and yet so bummed. i'm happy the club is starting, but i live in okc and don't see how i can come on a tuesday night. do you think you'll ever have meetings on the weekend?
i'd be open to a club closer to home for sure. how do we go about it? j
wow, this does sound like fun. i'm a newbie from okc, would love to hear the details (pm me?) and see if i might be able to join too? thanks.
thanks again everyone. i do love this site, i get so much info and help here, everyone is so supportive and willing to share. julie
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