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sorry here is the template
The full tutorial can be found here!/notes/andreas-sweet-confections/baby-bootie-tutorial/207884262584749Here is the template
Thanks I am more than happy to share
Thanks I said if I wasn't clear on anything please let me know!
A couple of you had asked so here it is.... I stacked three 4" and one 3" cakes placed it onto the cake drum and inserted a dowel down the center of the cake into the cake drum below..I formed the bottle "neck" from RKT. I crumb coated the cake and let it set up in the fridge. I then rolled out my fondant to about 1/4in thick dusted it with corn starch and lightly rolled it up...then I "wrapped" the cake and smoothed the fondant...
Hi guys it's me again...desperate for cake decorators attention!!! LOL!! I made my first bottle cake yesterday and wanted you all to see!!! It is three 4" rounds and one 3" round...with a center dowel through the center the "neck" of the bottle is RKT..I crumb coated it, wrapped it in fondant, then airbrushed it leaving the front lighter to give a feeling of light going through..the logo was cut from fondant, and the "condensation" is piping gel Thanks so much for looking...
I was super proud of both of these Thanks for looking
I am super proud of this HUGE cake, and sorry if I seem like a six year ole begging for attention but I WANT IT TO BE SEEN!!!!lololol!!! Anyway this was my first castle, first pillow and first was alot of work and I loved every minute..THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!!!
Thanks so much
Hi Everyone,Well...I did not get picked for Season 8 FN Cake Challenge BUT I am in the mix for season I need to make more sculpted cakes for my hotsheet. I made this one over the weekend. Thanks for looking
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