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I came home from work tonight and leveled the cakes. After tasting the trimmings, it tasted just fine. My husband thought so also. I guess I won't have to make a number four after all. Thanks for the comments and help everyone.
I added more flour to the batch and pudding mix as well. When I tasted the batter it tasted pretty good so I went ahead and baked it. Actually this is the third try on this recipe. The first one didn't seem done (I froze it anyway just in case) so I decided to do a second round. The second round I forgot to add the flavoring, and you all know about the third. The third round had one of the pans run over in the oven even though I had a collar on the pan, it pushed the...
Last night I baked 3 layers of Eggless "Crazy" Chocolate Cake for a wedding that I have due on Sunday. In the middle of the night I woke up and realized that I forgot to add the flavoring to the batter.Tonight I was measuring out the ingredients so I could rebake them. I was measuring the baking soda and measured out 9 tablespoons (triple recipe). After I got it measured and into the dry ingredients bowl I realized that I had read the measurement from the ingredient on...
You are very welcome. Glad I could help. I look forward to seeing your pictures.
After you get the wire inserted into the gumpaste "log roll" using a fondant smoother to smooth it out then gently bend it into the curve you need for the handle shape. Insert the toothpicks in the end and allow it to dry.
It looks to me like it is basically 6 long leaf-shaped petals. Each petal is more than likely on it's own wire and then assembled in groups of 6. Ruffle the edges and vein the center of the petal.Others may have other ideas though.
You could also have half of one of the "bills" coming out of the top of the cake to look like a "piggy" bank and the other bills scattered around.
I am making one for a July 1st wedding. The following is the sizes of layers I am using on each tier.Tier #1 - 8, 7, 6Tier #2 - 10, 9, 8Tier #3 - 12, 11, 10Tier #4 - 14, 13, 12I have it calculated that I will have around 134 servings using the smallest layer from each tier for the calculations.HTHMyra
I have a very old bag of it that I have not opened yet. It states that it contains Cane Fondant Sugar. It is used to make cream centers.I found an article on the internet that describe Drivert Sugar as Pure Cane Sugar that contains approximately 8% invert sugar..
I charge a dollar extra per serving (calculated from the bottom layer). This accounts for the extra layer of cake plus the ganache crumb coating. This does not include the non-buttercream decorations plus I add more if the customer wants fondant.
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