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Oh my gosh. I am so touched. When I logged in tonight I found out that this cake is number 2 on the Favorites of the day.Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments. I am totally speechless.Thanks again.
Update and thank you for all your help.This cake was a great success and loved by all.We found dry ice in Goshen about an hour away at a Miejers store (good thing is that we are getting a Miejers in Warsaw were I live so this is good to know) and my husband made a styrofoam box to to encase the box the fully stacked and iced cake was in. We had the cake in the box for about 2 hours before we we able to set it up for the reception. I transported the cake and gumpaste...
I don't see any reason you can't do these ahead and let them dry. They will be easier to handle when you put them on the cake.
I would suggest an arrangement of roses (buttercream or any media you prefer) and a set of knitting needles with a few music notes in gumpaste or fondant/gumpaste . This could be done easily enough on a 12 x 18 sheet cake.
I have a client that has asked me to make a cake for his 22nd wedding anniversary to surprise his wife with a party. He sent a picture of a cake he likes and wanted to know if I could do one similar to it. I know the flower is an orchid but I am not sure what one. The topper also has other flowers (blue, yellow, pink, and purple) and I am not sure what they are as well.Sorry the picture isn't very good, he sent it from his phone.Thanks.
I only used a heating core once or twice but I like the nails much better. This is how do it now.
Very beautiful cake. I use Sharon's icing also, I love it, especially since my husband bought me a cuisinart mixer for christmas. In fact, I have a wedding cake that is due the 29th and I will be using her icing for it also (petal effect). This cake can't be set up until after the wedding (that I am attending) and will have to set in the vehicle for at least 3 hours before I will be able to set it up at the venue.I just got her flower DVDs and I also love them. If I'm...
Darn.........that reminds me. I need to ask my daughter for my dehydrator back.
I just made a wedding topsy turvy cake (see my gallery) that was the same layers as you mention but I also had a 12-13-14 layer as well. I had it calculated as 134 servings. I use the smallest layer of each tier to calculate the servings. The tier sizes you mentioned will serve 78 according to my calculations. If you make just tiers 2 & 3 it will serve 64. If you have the time, I recommend getting the Topsy Turvy DVD that Sharon Zambito (SugarEdProductions) has. It...
Put it in the oven with the light on but the oven turned off. You won't believe how hot it will get in there with just the light on. I have dried flowers made from gumpaste like this when I need it in a hurry.
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