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I use Betty Crocker on all my cakes and all my customer rave about how moist they always are, white, chocolate, butter pecan, what ever flavor I am working with.For white cakes, I use 4 egg whites, 1/2 cup water, 1/3 cup canola oil and 1 cup sour cream for each box of mix. For other flavors I use 4 whole eggs. I used to add a small box of instant pudding but I was having a hard time getting them to back properly so I decided that I didn't need the pudding because I was...
I agree with Elcee. That would be absolutely gorgeous.
I subscribe to several of their classes. A while back I saw them on facebook advertising a 50% off sale and was trying to sign up for three of them when I got one at half price and the second came across at full price. I contacted them telling them what happened and what three classes I was trying to sign up for. They corrected it right away by adding the third class to my profile. Great customer service, fast replies.
They are really easy to make but time consuming as mentioned earlier. Just remember that it take a LOT of them. When you think you have enough make 50% more.
and they only fit one size pan. The Wilton bake even stripes can work on all size pans if you get the bag of 4.
I bought me a pack of stainless-looking mini binder clips. I love them.
I always use Linda McClures recipe now. I love it.
Great job.
I am having problems also. I am logged in and it appears as though I have a new message. When I try to access the message it takes me to the log in screen, and it starts all over again. If you have sent me a message please understand that I am having trouble accessing it and will as soon as the site allows.
If you have the time to order it, I highly recommend getting the Topsy Turvy DVD from Sharon Zambito (Sugarshack). She helped me a lot when I made my topsy turvy cake.
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