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Hi all. Delivered this today. This is my very first wedding cake. The wedding is to be really small and the bride only needed it to serve 35 people so I made it like this to give the looks of a full size wedding cake. The bottom tier is a dummy cake and the middle tier is a 10" yellow cake.She wanted red callas with ivory accents because her dress is ivory and her bouquet is red and ivory callas. This is what I came up with. The cake topper has 36 callas and 15...
I hope it's only the heating element. The broiler element won't come on either. DH thinks it may be the controls because the broiler doesn't work either. Does anybody else have an electric range that has this problem as well?
Thanks, but I can't take the full credit for it. My hubby suggested that I try the roaster. Now to sneak a lemon cake in it for him tomorrow.
My Dad absolutely loves Spice cake with whip cream so I thought I would make him a spice cake with IndyDebi's buttercream icing. I made the icing a couple days ago and tonight I turned the oven on to preheat it while I was eating dinner. Went back about 30 minutes later and the oven NEVER heated up, the cook top worked fine (cooked dinner on it) but the oven will not come on. So what can I do to bake this cake, can't go to Mom's to bake it, Dad is there. I got out my...
Does anybody have one? I need to make one this week if I can find it. I have checked a few ploymer clay books and online but can't find anything. Thanks in advance.
I have had a KA for well over 20 years and decided that every woman should have one so I bought 3 refurbished KA from the Kitchen Aid website 3 or 4 years ago and gave them to my DILs for Christmas (wish I would have bought an extra to save for my daughter whom is now married). They all love them, and as far as I know, have never had a problem with them. I am even considering sending mine in to have it gone over but I don't want to have to go without it for even a second.
That cake is just awsome. I couldn't believe it when I finally figured out that the cake was also in the picture.
ayerim979..not offended at all. I was thinking that as well because this order came from a recommendation of someone that has already tasted my cakes and she will be at the wedding.BlakesCakes...thanks for the response. I may have to try that later and see how it works out.Thanks again everyone for the help.
After reading all of this, I am afraid to get up and go bake the cakes I need to. I can't really remember hurting myself that bad while I have been working on my cakes. I hurt myself on my bicycle instead.About 10 weeks ago my husband wanted to go for a ride just to get in a few more rotations on his bicycle before he went in to have a knee replacement 3 days later. We left and went a different route which had a down hill with a turn at the bottom of the hill. I was...
When you "extend" a cake mix, what type of pudding do you use, instant, cook or does it matter? I have got my cake mix bought again and was thinking about trying the recipe that bmoser23 posted but not sure what kind of pudding to use. Bought both to be safe.Thanks.
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