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I will be making a wedding cake using the Globe Pillar system in a couple of weeks. The bride wants a cake to serve 160 - 200 people (haven't confirmed the servings yet, will do Friday) but I have a question. I am not sure how to go about getting the extra servings. The cake design she picked (Wilton Tiered Cakes book, Pearl Necklace) is for 116 servings. What is my best option for achieving the servings I need? I don't know that I could add more tiers to the cake due...
I bought the vinyl quite some time ago but never used it until a few weeks ago when I made my GD's Castle cake. I will never again roll out fondant without my vinyl again. I can't believe the difference it makes with the rolling and putting the fondant on the cake.I also suggest getting a rolling pin that is long enough to easily roll out wide fondant (you will need it for the wedding cake). I use a marble rolling pin but sometimes it is just to heavy. You will...
If you can't find the substitute for the vegetable shortening, I have read that you can add a drop or so of Violet food coloring to bring it back closer to white.
I have made two of them using the Wilton Castle Kit. The latest one being for my granddaughter's 4th birthday a couple weeks ago. This one went a lot easier than the first, but the first one used a dummy cake for the top tier and it made it harder to put the towers on the cake without them falling over.I will try to attach a picture of the latest cake if I can, but I seem to have a problem with getting any pictures to upload lately. My first one is in my photos but you...
This cake turned out really great. My daughter and son-in-law even came over to help with some of the decorating.This is made with Occthur's (thanks again) Strawberry cake and Strawberry mousse recipes. It is covered with MMF as well as is the cake board. The wheels are marshmallow pinwheel cookies, the "passengers" are mini nilla wafer, the "lights" are M&Ms.I can't seem to get the photos to upload here. Maybe in my photos.
I assume you will be suppling a cake box for her to store it in. I put it in the freezer (in the box) and freeze it. Then I remove it from the box and wrap it twice in plastic wrap and then twice in foil. I then return it to the freezer. I did this for my daughter's cake and she said it was just as good as the day she got married. If you want to be even more protected, you could wrap the box in plastic wrap before putting it back in the freezer.
Occthur,I made the mousse last night and I have just one word for it.......AmazingIt is just delicious. I may have to experiment with it for other flavors as well. Thank you so much for the recipes.I have the cake stacked and in the freezer right now to firm up so I can sculpt it.Will post pictures later.
Thanks, after it cooling, tonight it is not quite so heavy. My husband absolutely loves it. This weekend it will be turned into a school bus.Thank you for the mousse recipe also.
I made this last night but it seems really heavy, almost like it's not done but it is. Do you happen to have the oil and water quantities switched around? Thanks.
Occther--thank you for the Strawberry Cake recipe. I am baking it right now. If it tastes half as good baked as it does raw it will be wonderful.Would you mind sharing your strawberry mousse recipe also?Thanks
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