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I have had so many requests for this since Helipops took the instructions down.  I think I have had at least 20 to 30 emails for this.   As I don't want to set on any ones toes, If a moderator will give permission, I will post links to the instructions here so everyone can have quick access to them.  I also have a diagram that I made in paint on how to assemble the cake since I am not able to include the original pictures with the instruction...
I have been thinking of getting one for my KA but I use the mixer in the kitchen and do my decorations (flowers, etc) at the dining room table and I don't think it would be that productive for me to have it on the mixer.  I am considering getting one that I can have on the table or counter behind me.
Use equal parts of creamer and boiling water (e.g 1/2 cup creamer and 1/2 cup water).  The hotter the water the better the creamer blends and dissolves.   I used Sweetex Hi-Ration shortening on this recipe the other day and I have to say the icing was so much smoother than it was with the hi-ratio I purchased from Country Kitchen.   Crisco would work but I think you will be surprised the difference that hi-ratio will make.
I bought my steamer from Sears.  It was less than $40.   It works great and I use it for all my gumpaste flowers or anything I need to steam.
Yes, I agree with three.
I loved the preview feature they used to have.  I am really disappointed that they took that away, I like to have an idea of what I am getting before I order it.
I used water to attach the fondant decorations on the cake I posted yesterday with the tractor and hay stack.  
I used a modified box mix for my topsy cake.  For each box of cake mix (Betty Crocker) I used 4 egg whites (or whole eggs for cakes other than white), 1/3 cup oil, 1/2 cup water and 1 cup sour cream.  I used to add one box of instant pudding but found that made the cake really moist and had trouble getting the cake to bake completely.  I also bake with the baking stripes around the pans.   For stability, I doweled two tiers together and then assembled and decorated...
I highly recommend Sharon's videos.  I used another of her DVDs when I made the flowers for the cake in my profile picture.
Actually it is an illusion.  Each tier is carved with a pocket on the top that the cake above sets in to make it level.  I could not have made this cake without the help of her video.
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