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You can also pour thinned RI over the dummy and let it dry really well (several days), and then put the buttercream over the royal. Just make sure the royal is really dry first or the buttercream will slide off.I didn't want to have to worry about cleaning all the grease off of the dummy by putting BC directly over the dummy and I have done this with success.
I just made one and charged according to the serving size of the pan I used to bake it. (2 - 10 in square cakes = 50 servings) Then add for the fondant and decorations. You carve some cake away but then that isn't really very much and compensates you for your time spent.
I have a 5 and a half quart KA and I have mixed 3 box mixes at a time with no problems; it does get quite full though. I have recently started mixing pudding and sour cream to my box mixes and have had no problem using 3 mixes.HTH
I like the looks of them. I think they could be used for other things as well.Just on a side note....for those of you who are thinking of ordering from the Canadian website........... Canada Post is in the midst of a possible strike starting Tuesday midnight and all delivery may be stopped. If you need the tweezer soon, I would suggest checking into the delivery time anticipated.
I absolutely LOVE my Agbay. It is the best investment I have made to date. It will be the most used caking item you buy.
I just got a request for a cake with light pink icing with a giant cherry blossom (darker pink) covering the top of the cake. Does anybody have any idea how to make a giant cherry blossom?
I get 7# bags at Sam's Club for a $5.32 (I think that is what I paid last time)
Have you seen the "frosting plug" thread on the Cake Decorating forum? This is a really great way to add more icing to the pastry bags. The first time I used it, I was hooked.HTH
I tell them that they need to have the table setup and ready to go for me to deliver and set up the cake.
My husband has been disabled since early in the year so he is ALWAYs home now but I still work a full time job with a lot of overtime. But just recently he has taken to getting things straightened up around the house. We now have 3 rooms cleaned out as well at the front closet and I just love it.I have all of my caking things in a spare bedroom just basically stacked in the center of the room and when I need something it was almost impossible to find it. Lucky for me, he...
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