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Thanks for all the replies. I have actually watched several of the You Tube videos and I think they will help a lot. I was afraid they would want almost as much to refurbish it as it would cost to buy a new one.Thanks again.
I have one that is about 25 years old that I would like to have refurbished. I have to have it on high speed to get any speed out of it and since I got a Cuisinart for Christmas I can finally send it in. Has anyone ever sent theirs in to be refurbished? What was you experience, cost?Thanks
[/quote]Nice kitchenaid!! And the dog is cute too! ( I can see him in the kitchenaid)[/quote]Thanks, never noticed the dog being there. She is my sons dog. It is a pugale (pub x beagle).My new mixer is a Cuisinart though, my old one is a kitchenaid.
I have a Kitchenaid that is about 25 years old and in desperate need of an overhaul but wouldn't even think of doing it until I had something to use in it's place. Now I guess I can send it in.
This is what I got. What about everybody else?
I can still get shortening with 3 grams trans fat from Marsh Supermarket where I live. Haven't tried Martins yet, gut will when I have a chance.
Thanks for the suggestions. I think I am going to go with the "petal effect" that was suggested. Thanks for the link. Another great cake decorating site!!I will post a picture when I get done with it. I was going to let her have the cake for her hubby's birthday that is coming up in a few weeks but I don't think he would appreciate that kind of cake, so I think if she wants it I will let her take it to school with her.Thanks again.
I was on my way home from work last night and my daughter called me to see if I had plans for Saturday. I said no and she told me that she had to do a pictorial documentary style report for one of her college classes and was wanting to do it of me decorating a cake. She won't be able to come over to start until she gets off work at 4 in the afternoon so it won't give us a lot of time. I said okay but she is leaving the design and everything up to me. I HAVE NO IDEA. I...
Congrats on your marriage and I hope you are very happy with your new endevers in Georgia.I had to take a second look when I was reading about the people that live/lived in Indiana and then to have someone mention that her husband is from Warsaw. I have lived in Warsaw basically all my life. I love the Country Kitchen store and was even wanting to take some classes there this year (hubby got me an air brush for Christmas last year) but I have had to put my cake...
I don't make my own cake. I don't enjoy eating it enough to make it, but a couple years ago, about 2 weeks before my birthday, my daughter asked me to make a cake for her for the birthday of a friend at work. On my birthday my husband was going to take me out to dinner at a friend's restaraunt but he said we needed to stop at my daughter's house on the way because they wanted to barrow something and we were going to drop it off on the way. When we got there she...
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