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Thank you so much for your reply. I will let you know how the practice turns out
Is it possible to use the ganache as a crumb coat and then buttercream as the final layer of icing? Will the buttercream soften the ganache? I am doing another practice cake for a topsy turvy but the possible client may want buttercream instead of fondant.
I have a divider that is 12 x 18. You ice the cake and then lay it on top and gently press the pattern into the cake and then pipe lines on top of the marks the impression leaves. I also put a rose bud or what ever the customer wants on the pieces. I believe I got mine at Country Kitchen.
I steam all of my gumpaste decorations. It makes them shiny but that will even dull a little after they dry. I also love the way they look once steamed, more smooth and realistic.
That is exciting. I registered with them a while back. Keep us posted.
Thanks for all the replies. I have actually watched several of the You Tube videos and I think they will help a lot. I was afraid they would want almost as much to refurbish it as it would cost to buy a new one.Thanks again.
I have one that is about 25 years old that I would like to have refurbished. I have to have it on high speed to get any speed out of it and since I got a Cuisinart for Christmas I can finally send it in. Has anyone ever sent theirs in to be refurbished? What was you experience, cost?Thanks
[/quote]Nice kitchenaid!! And the dog is cute too! ( I can see him in the kitchenaid)[/quote]Thanks, never noticed the dog being there. She is my sons dog. It is a pugale (pub x beagle).My new mixer is a Cuisinart though, my old one is a kitchenaid.
I have a Kitchenaid that is about 25 years old and in desperate need of an overhaul but wouldn't even think of doing it until I had something to use in it's place. Now I guess I can send it in.
This is what I got. What about everybody else?
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