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I only use the Sams brand PS. I have never noticed a problem with it. The last time I used it I used Sharon Z's recipe and used the whole 7 lb bag straight from the bag without sifting it (in my new Cuisinart 7 qt mixer) and just loved it. My customers rave about my icing.
Okay, that's weird. It posted that five times and the other one only once. Sorry.
A friend of my daughter is getting married this summer and wants me to make her wedding cake but wants a topsy turvy. Since I have never made one I decided I better make a practice one. This is how it turned out much to my dismay (topsy disaster). Then I bought Sharon's Topsy Turvy video and I made this one for the Super Bowl Party.All I can say is.............GREAT VIDEO. I even covered it in Buttercream with a Ganache crumb coat instead of fondant.I highly recommend...
Thanks for your comments. I know I read that you need to use a different ratio with milk and white chocolate, but I didn't remember it until after I had made it. I will get some other chocolate to add to it.
I made some milk chocolate ganache a couple days ago using Sharon Z's recipe except it is made with milk chocolate chips (all I had on hand) instead of semi sweet. I doesn't seem to want to get firm, it is always peanut butter consistency. I am afraid that if I put it on the side of a cake it wont't firm up, can I add a package of semi sweet to get it to more of a firm consistency?According to the Sharon's DVD you don't need to refrigerate it but since it is always so...
Thank you so much for your reply. I will let you know how the practice turns out
Is it possible to use the ganache as a crumb coat and then buttercream as the final layer of icing? Will the buttercream soften the ganache? I am doing another practice cake for a topsy turvy but the possible client may want buttercream instead of fondant.
I have a divider that is 12 x 18. You ice the cake and then lay it on top and gently press the pattern into the cake and then pipe lines on top of the marks the impression leaves. I also put a rose bud or what ever the customer wants on the pieces. I believe I got mine at Country Kitchen.
I steam all of my gumpaste decorations. It makes them shiny but that will even dull a little after they dry. I also love the way they look once steamed, more smooth and realistic.
That is exciting. I registered with them a while back. Keep us posted.
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