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White Chocolate Sour Cream Cake, Buttercream over Chocolate Ganache with Satin Ice Fondant.
It will be fine, just make sure the RI is very dry first.
I found my printed copy!!!!!!! It was from The Magic Cupboard like I thought. I guess I will have to guard this copy with my life since she took it off her page.Thanks everyone.
I am pretty sure it was that one but like you said, it is no longer available. Does anybody have a copy of it they are will to send me?
About a year ago I made a diaper bag cake using a tutorial that I found online. I can't remember where I found it but I thought I saved it and can't find it now,I have changed laptops twice since making the cake. I know it was made using 2 10" square cakes. It also had a bottle, keys, booties and a pacifier on it. If anyone has a copy of these directions, I would really appreciate getting a copy of it. I need to make another one of these cakes in the next couple of...
I don't see why not. You have to have support with each tier not matter if it is fondant or buttercream. You could do the tier separation with dummies covered with the ribbon and have dowels or bubble tea straws supporting each dummy/tier and you could still get a dowel through the middle also. If I have totally missed something on this and am totally wrong though someone more experienced please chime in.
If it was a pretty clean crack/break, I would say you will be fine using it. Put it on a cake board that is cut in the basic shape you need and then slide the two pieces together with a small amount of buttercream to seal the two together. Put it back in the freezer for a short time and then try carving it.
I like Across the Cake Board
The first one I made for practice (actually both I have made are practice) slid on me even though I had a support in it. The second one I made was AFTER I got Sharon Zambito's Totally Topsy Turvy DVD.I highly recommend getting this DVD, you won't be sorry. It helped me a lot and mine was buttercream/ganache.
I did one that was for around 200 servings but it was 3 tiers plus 2 satellite cakes on the side. This is a link to my photo gallery picture of it.
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