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It is a Canon MG5520.
I recently purchased a new Canon printer and edible ink and icing sheets.  Hadn't set it up yet and decided this was the best time for it's first use.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out but was really happy with it.   By the way, I am located in Warsaw, Indiana.  About 1 hour west of Fort Wayne, 2 and a half hours north of Indianapolis.
Thank you.  It makes it even more difficult because this is a second marriage for each of us.  Both having spouses that did the same thing he is now doing to me.  And to add to the hurt he was 3-days from becoming the pastor of his own church when his first wife left him.  I will make it through, I just have to keep focused on God right now and know that he is working for the both of us.  He is living with his son and daughter-in-law right now and I am afraid it will put a...
The cake is done.  I recently purchased a Canon printer and edible ink and sheets from Icing Images.  I don't think it turned out to bad for the first one.  What do you think?   This is an especially difficult time for me.  My husband recently informed me that he filed for divorce.  I am in total shock.  We had been discussing over the past several months of my getting baptized and I was waiting for my parents to return for the summer so they could be here for the...
I am in the process of making a cake for a Baptism dinner tomorrow (I am being baptized).  I have never used these before and am wondering how I use them.  I use crusting buttercream.  Can I put them on the cake after the cake crusts and I smooth it using the Viva method or do I have to do something special to get the sheet to adhere to the cake?
No, a 12 x 18 cake pan is 2" deep.
I always put one cup of Sour Cream, 4 egg white and 1/3 cup of oil in each box of cake mix.  I use BC and when I used a different brand that didn't contain pudding for my parent's anniversary cake it was really dry.  I don't think I would change from BC again or at least add a box of instant pudding also.   I get rave reviews about the moistness of my cakes.
I have to apologize  to everyone that has requested the instructions for the Diaper Bag cake.  I have not been on the site for quite some time.   I have sent out several messages with the instructions.  If I missed anybody please let me know.   Myra
Hi everyone,   I am giving a baby shower for my daughter next weekend and am wanting to make a diaper bag cake for the shower.   The nursery is decorated with a western theme and I was wanting to decorate the cake with the same theme but I am having trouble coming up with ideas.  I was thinking about putting a saddle on the top of the cake as if the blanket was the "flap" for the bag.  I have no idea as to how to model a saddle.  I would also like to make a pair...
I love my Agbay.  I consider it the most useful and money well spent tool, even though I use it for the shortest time on each cake I make.  I bought the single blade but I can upgrade it to the double blade later.
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