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I am making a pull apart cupcake cake with buttercream icing and want to try and save some time by decorating the night before? what is the best way to store it or will the BC get hard overnight? I appreciate any input.
I have a couple questions on cake making and really need some input.1. what is the best way to get butter cream extremely smooth on the cake2. I have tried to make fondant and when I roll it out to cover the cake it seems to get little cracks all over it? how can I avoid that? 3. what is any easy way to make a bow for the top of a cake?thank you so much for any help.
what did you do just buy like one sheet of plywood and cut all the different sizes? thank you for your help
I am trying to figure out the best thing to use to set your cakes on? What kind of boad that is at least 5/8" and where to get it, can anyone help me.Thank you
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