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thank you!
I need to make a half sheet cake, but don't know what size cake pan that is?? Can someone please help?Thanks, Erica
Thanks Robyndmy!
Thank you so very much!! Now I can get started. SBaker, I didn't know that, thanks!
Hi everyone!Does anyone havd any ideas for a hello kitty cake, I have to make one by this friday! And I don't know where to start?Thanks
Can I use pearl dust or luster dust on buttercream?? I'm not too good with covering cakes with fondant..and I love the look of the pearl dust! Thanks, Erica
Thank you so much!! You guys have been a lot of help!!
Hi! I just got asked to make a cake for about 15 people, so what size pan can I use? Thanks!
Hi everyone! I so need some help!! I don't know where to start, a friend of my wants me to make her a cake with a bottle of patron on top of the cake..she wants it the cake to look like a bar. Does anybody have any ideas??Thank you, Erica
Thank you Doug!! You have been a lot of help! I just hope it turns out okay..Erica
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