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I'm so glad this came back up because I've been needing to try some new tips!
You have to be careful of companies that say their liners are greaseproof because most really aren't and the colors fade with dark cake. If you are willing to buy from US, I buy mine from Sweets & Treats Boutique. I think the site is They manfacture their own greaseproof baking cups and they are the most greaseproof liners i have ever used - and i've used a ton! I've been in contact with the owner since I'm needing some solid liners soon for...
Wow, is this a heated discussion or what?!? I already had a medium cookie/ice cream scoop and that is what i use. I got it from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and used my 20% off coupon. I scoop the batter and level it off with a rubber spatula. Two scoops of this fill a standard size liner perfectly for them all to be uniform. it's not a lot of work at all and they all bake up exactly the same. FWIW, i had no idea there was a such thing as a cupcake scoop. It's all about marketing...
This! The key is definitely making the wrapper taller than the liner but also making sure it fits the same contour with the smaller bottom and bigger top and fits snug. Good luck!
Great idea. I like this one too!
I buy and use all kinds of sizes including minis and the jumbos which are bigger than just the taller ones. When i use them just really depends on the customer or reason i am baking in them. Just like anything else, i feel there is a time and place for all of them. Obviously, the more cupcake you put in them, the more you can charge but for my regular old baking for myself or family, i always use standard size liners and mostly use standard liners for customers as well....
I generally use 1 cupcake per person too because not everybody eats one especially with all of the other wedding food and sweets other than cupcakes.
I bought mine for my daughter's birthday from J B Prince. Best prices around in bulk of course. Can't beat them!
I love these kind of handy posts! Genius!!
Wow, i thought i was going to open this and see a scrumptious idea for baking some sweets or cookies inside of cupcakes like i have been seeing all over but coins? Even if it was safe, it seems like the cupcakes would take like metal. Yuk!
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