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I recently did a free cake for an acquaintance and word got back to me that the recipient stated she could have gotten a better looking cake from Walmart I am so embarrased and hurt! I don't think my cakes are that bad! Either this person is just plain rude or I need to find a different hobby. Seriously, who complains over a FREE cake? It is the farm cake in my pictures.
Where in the oven would you put the pizza stone? On the rack under the cake or directly under the cake pan?
I have tried dropping the temp. to 325, but maybe I need to drop lower still and just bake longer. I have not tried the baking strips but it may be worth a try. If I could just skip the baking part completely and go right to the decorating I would be much happier
Somebody please help me, I cant bake a cake evenly to save my life. I have tried different temps, flower nails, heating core, box mix cakes, cakes from scratch, and I just can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. Most of my cakes get overly crispy(even burnt) on the top and not done on the inside. I use plenty of pan coating and I have been baking my cakes in Wiltons 3in high rounds. Is it my recipes, oven temp, cake pans, or what??? I am getting very discouraged
I told her I would do a 4 tier fondant covered and decorated fake cake for her for $300, then she can feel free to call up any ol' bakery and get sheet cakes to serve if she is looking for ways to cut costs. I have a feeling I won't be hearing back from her...
I haven't responded yet, simply because I am speechless!!! Oh and she also wants my 4 yr old daughter, whom she has met maybe 4 times, to be her flower girl.
I should tell her, "yeah, I will do the cake, if you go buy me a new KitchenAid Mixer, Cricut machine and that new TV we had our eye on, just because I know it would mean so much to you to buy it for us"
So my husband's 18 yr old cousin, who we are not close to at all, just emailed me to tell us she just got engaged. She then proceded to tell me "Since you LOVE to decorate cakes, you can make my wedding cake as your gift to us since I know it would mean so much to you to do it for us" Seriously? She has got to be kidding And here is the best part, they need it for 250 people!!! Ummm, no thank you!!!I just can't believe the nerve of some people!!! I only do...
Great! Thanks so much!!!
I am making cake balls for my sister's shower in 2 weeks, is it ok to make them now and freeze them? I am also making her a 4 tier cake for the shower and was hoping to get some things done before hand. Would the cake balls still be ok after 2 weeks in the freezer?
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