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have seen several baby stroller/buggy cake toppers made of fondant/gumpaste -- they look like they are basically shaped from a circle. anyone have instructions on how to do this?thanks,leelee
PLEASE! i need someone to help me out w/ instructions on how to make a stacked book email is: hileenesbitt@aol.comif anyone has a link to a tutorial or instuctions, please post it or email it to me.thanks,leelee
got an order for a mounted deer head cake. i need some instructions, please. any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!thanks,leelee
haven't tried using gumpaste yet -- but am very anxious to. have a cake coming up soon that has deer antlers and i know straight fondant will never hold up! i was wondering if it is better to mix up the recipe on the can of gumtex and mix 1/2 and 1/2 with the fondant or just add some of the gumtex powder to the MMF. whichever is best, i need some instructions. please help!!thanks,leelee
need a recipe for TRIED AND TRUE chocolate chip cookie that stays soft like great american cookie company -- got a request for a big cookie cake. have tried a couple and they either were too soft and flopped or tooooo hard and didn't really taste good!!PLEASE HELP!thanks,leelee
i have searched and searched! can't find good instructions to make a cookie bouquet -- like what size dowels, insert dowels before or after baking, thickness of cookie, best recipe for cookie, etc.please help!thanks,LeeLee
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