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I was wondering what is a good smooth icing i can use when i start a business in 2013. I am in california and the cottage food law will start then, and since i cannot use hi ratio, i am trying to find a good crusting buttercream that can get really smooth. I love sugarshacks recipe and i would love to find out if there is a way i can do it without hi ratio, and if anyone has ever done that recipe without hi ratio. Thanks, sorry if it sounds confusing
See that's the problem with posting on this sight. It's like getting in a cat fight from the get go. Nearly every post, on every topic has someone who who takes a fit of somekind. I have a business of a different kind and i have flyers that have made me lots of money. It is not illegal to put flyers on houses or cars and i will stand behind me flyers 100 percent. Go to wedding expos with your flyers and pass them out, if that IS illegal than see if you can place them on...
Thanks jason!
Any updates yet?And also, is there a website where i can see the updates myself?Thanks for any replies.
BridezillaSome women only get married for the wedding and bragging rights.If she really loved her husband and how lucky she is, she would not be complaining about a cake being to big.In my culture, the bigger the cake the better!Even if there are only twenty people coming to a birthday party, i order a cakeThat feeds a hundred.And our wedding cakes, fugetaboutit! Sky's the limit.
Thanks for the info jason.I can't wait till this passes!
So when will it go into effect ? And does amended mean that they are thinking about it or that it will pass for sure?Sorry guys just a little confused.
Any news on california yet?
I would definitely get a play pen or one of those child safety gates that look like a play yard and put it in front of tv with cartoons and lots of toys and snacks like nilla wafers and cherrios. That should keep her busy for a while.I find that freezing my cakes a few weeks ahead of time is great, because they are so moist when eaten.I also heard that you can freeze buttercream frosting.Just a thought.It will get easierHang in there!
Thanks for all the reply's everyone, it really helps.
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