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Thanks for the info. Do you glue it with royal icing?
Thank you:-)
HI there, I will be placing gumpaste bows on sides of cake like this:   I do not take credit for this cake, I am just showing example.   My question is, do i place gumpaste bows on cake at venue or before delivery?   the venue is 20 miles from where I am.   The cake will be two tiers only. 11 and 8 inch   I am scared that they may rip fondant and fall during transit of cake.   Thanks for any answers:)
Awesome thread! Had a question...has anyone tried this with ganache made with only liquid coffee creamer? Did it set up well? I cannot use cream with cottage food law, So can i replace cream with coffee creamer?
Thank you, I will try this!
I know this may be off topic, i was just wondering how do you color them if they want a red rose?Do you air brush them or use dust?Thanks for answers, this is a great idea:)
Thanks for the info, i will look into that:)
It is such a pain not being able to use creamcheese frosting for red velvet. But I like the idea of non-dairy creamer and coconut milk.
All of these stories makes me feel that this business is not worth the aggravation. I understand that this thread is everyone getting there frustration out of there system. Believe me i have too many to tell. I get undercutted all the time. But I just can't see a solution to this problem. If there is no way to truly educate millions of customers then they will never understand. The tv shows have helped and have hurt business at the same time. People are more interested in...
Ha! I got a good one today: "yes i will like to see if u cant make me a cake of the lady niki minaj the girl that thinks she is a barbie n how much i like the pink cup cakes i need to know how much it is n u cant do it for the cup cake i will need 4docens n how much" Whenever they say "I will like..." then you know it's a scam. I think they just copy and paste. I asked them to call me and never got response, so...
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