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I know that this is an old thread but if i were to add bows using candy melts, will it hold for a 45 minute drive? Or should i use royal icing and attach at venue. I will be placing bows at base of tiers. Thanks
Hi, I have a flat gumpaste tree that will be the topper for my cake. It has popsicle sticks attached with candy melts that will be pushed in the cake to keep the topper straight. Should i wait till i get to venue to place topper on, or can I place on before delivery? Cake due this sat. Thanks for any answers:)
Thanks guys, everyone has some really good ideas! .
Oh wow poured fondant! Thats a good idea!
Yes I am doing party servings I like big slices myself:grin:
I think they will look better on the board too. I will do that. I just hope she is not dissapointed. But i'm telling you guys right now, i would be really suprised if my cake is that good. I cannot find that shade of pink anywhere. But the client just wants plain pink anyway. I will post pics as soon as I complete the cake. Wish me luck!
Thanks everyone!   letsgetcaking those tappits may not be too bad. They may wrap around some but at least they are not to big. I mwill look into those thanks:)
  Thanks everyone   This is the kind of cake that she wants. Of course I told her it would not be exact.   I dont think i could make it that awesome anyway:P   She wants them placed on the white trim next to bow on top tier that will be 8 inch and the brides name on bottom tier trim. that cake is 11 inch.   I love tappits and I have the new fondant alphabet molds from wilton but i am just afraid that it may not look uniform and pretty.   It...
Is there another word for congratulations? My client wants congratulations on the side of a 8 inch cake next to a medium sized gumpaste bow The bow will be placed to the side. I am afraid that the word "congratulations" is just so long and will wrap around cake! I cannot write on cake because my hands are too shaky. I cannot make a plaque because i have bows on cake and a dome flower spray on top and it may look cluttered. Any advice? Thanks fellow cakers!
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