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Thanks for all the info everybody! The link had alot of info i need as well! I will try it with silk soy milk and with coffee creamer. I keep thinking coffee creamer because they come in wonderful and different flavors. I just need to see if they will firm up the way I need them to on the cake. My mission is to get sharper corners as mine are too rounded; but I am going to keep trying!
Hi there, I want to make ganache so I can try to acheive sharp corners on my fondant cakes. Due to california's CFL, I am not allowed to use cream in my ganache. Has anyone made it successfully using liquid coffee creamer? Did it set up well and does anyone have a recipe for white chocolate ganache using liquid coffee creamer instead of cream? Thanks for replies and recipe's
I can't stop laughing!
I cannot wait to try this!
Maybe you could use a small stainless steel measuring spoon? Mine are pretty round and may do the trick!
Wow I hope to be as good as you! If anyone were to see my first cake, it was sad... Very sad!
I never knew melted fondant can dry like that! I will need try this out!
Thanks AZcouture! I don't know why these little details are making me crazy LOL!
Hi there, I am going to make cakepops and i am just wondering which is better to use, wilton lollipop sticks or cookie sticks that are a bit wider and longer? Which is better? Cakepops make me nervous, Thanks guys!
Anyone please
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