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Posts by suedefringe       Have you tried Liz Mareks MMF ? I have and I really loved it thou next time I will be using it RIGHT AFTER making it. Not sure if it was my containers or something else but it was much easier to work with after it was freshly made... and not to expensive especially if you use a coupn for the secret ingredient :) Good luck.. Happy Caking
i have seen pour fondant at Oasis cake supply but have never used it.
did you ask the person who made it.? Alot of times if you inbox them and they do not consider you local competition they are more than willing tgo answer your questions. I have tons of cake friends on FB who always help me out. The only one who gives me any guff about it is a local girl. WHich is kind of funny cause I have helped her with ideas LOL
have you gotten any help yet ? What I did was find a c pattern online (actually I think someone has one posted on cake central somewhere, you can search in the gallery for the c pattern there) Then I transferred the pattern to cardboard. Then I cut the card board out(not easy at the thin parts) When I tranferred my pattern on the cake wat I did was trace the pattern on the cake with a toothpick(in the future I will use a pencil! I didnt know you could use pencil!!! )then I...
Help ! I have someone who wants a puss in boots cake by the 26th ! (from Shreck!)
check out the wedding cake i just made . You could easily do something like this on the cheap esp if you make your own fondant !!!! This was only two layers but I was gonna add a third but I was having fondant problems so I left the bottom layer off as it was a picnic party and I sliced that and threw it on the table with the other desserts! Also, the only reason I added the lace ...which is super easy, was to cover the imperfections in my fondant ! A trick I learned from...
thanks for all the info, I will have to say i wasnt ready to spend any more money on supplies so i improvised. I rolled out a strip of fondant and then took a plastic spoon and pused the end of the handle side into the fondat, i staggered the pattern, maid a pull and covered it all in silver glaze, which by the bay i do not like using. I need to get some of that luster dust !
flour pots that looks great too ! Is that silver luster dust ? I am trying to figure out what to order ...
ps your cake looks great !
yes I heard of the imprint idea before ! Glad to hear it really works! SO, then you just made the pull part yourself , right ?
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