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it sounds like it s a problem with the oven, I changed the element once have been using the same oven for 6 years it's probably its time
I did they are not expired I'm so puzzled right now, my oven thermometer reads the correct temperature.
By the way I didnt forget anything eggs oil, sc, flour,sugar water
Oh my gosh I wam baking a cake due tomorrow and and the oven was beeping I got check and the cake didnt even rise at all!!!!what is the deal I've never had problems with the wasc recipe.
It is s burgundy only add a little color at a time and let it sit a little before adding more.
Thay's why I couldn't find it, it is called the great scrtch off not the throw down! LOL
gee thanks ladies
HI I have been using cream cheese but cannot find a recipe that makes a more like buttercream recipe cream cheese frosting is so sticky!! I cannot ice any cake smooth with although delicious.
Need a yummy recipe for a key lime cake for a grooms cake.Thanks in advance
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