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By your lecture and astute observation that "one is no better than another" it appears you are stating that the 40 or so people who are discussing the unappealing nature of this topic believe themselves to be better than others. You probably should have left out that last part of your comment. Sorry if we all have offended your delicate sensiblities especially if you reside in a third world country. Oh, wait... you are from Chicago!!!7yyrt- I always get a kick out of...
Well, I live in the United States and a certain nationality eat chicken embryos all the time. Common practice! YUk. Someone even got their black dog stolen from the driving range(golf) which proved later to have been someone's dinner. Same nationality! Ahhhh, living in paradise..........
Whenever that has happened to me(too heavy) it was usually because it was too soft. At that point I kneaded cornstarch into it. If it was dry and cracked I added shortening. If it tore on the edges, I usually had rolled it too thin. HTH
This is a good recipe
Forgot to mention that for $500 servings they wanted to pay $500.
Finally! I was felling bad because I turned down an order that they wanted to feed 500 people with sheetcakes(pop warner football). I hate doing sheetcakes! People can get it at the grocery store and they want me to charge the same. Also if it feeds 500 then alot of people will start asking for sheetcakes. Blah! Sorry to hijack but leily do you ever do the method of say 3 tiers for a wedding and they cut the sheetcakes in the kitchen?
Or do you mean this one?
Sorry to interject, but what is an icing plug if you dont mind?
Tesso,Just to let you know, once I read your thread and tried this, this is my favorite to use. The jello seems to hold the fondant together perfectly. Thank you very much for sharing If you don't mind would you share your piping gel recipe? Thanks again!
Thanks! Great idea! Rains alot where I am too!
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