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I have a cake that is 4 layers, 10'' on top, then 9'', then 2 8'' layers on the bottom. It is between 7 1/2 and 8 inches tall. Can I cover this cake in one large piece? I think I read somewhere that you can cover a cake in one piece as long at the height doesn't exceed the diameter. But does this count for the top tier which is 10 or the bottom which is 8? Or is it best to wrap it?
Pretty please? Anyone?
I get that you use the wrap method for fondant when cakes are tall, but at what point is a cake considered "tall"? 6 inches? 7? Just curious. I am doing a mad hatter cake and I am pretty sure I will have to wrap the fondant around it. This will be my very first attempt at this method. Once you wrap the strip around the sides, and put the circle cut out on top, how does it not look ridiculous att he top where the seam is? Is there a trick to it?Does anyone have...
Thank you for your detailed instructions. I will for sure use them in the future when I do a topsy turvy cake. This cake is just in the shape of that hat, sorry if that wasn't clear enough
I am making a cake to look like the classic green mad hatter hat. I want to make it tapered like it's supposed to be. I know you do different sized cakes and stack them bigger on top to smaller on bottom and trim...right? It just makes me nervous as far as support with it getting smaller at the bottom. Also, in the past I have had major trouble covering things that are tall, and this makes me really nervous because it is tall and gets small as it goes down so it will be...
Very good ideas! I was looking in cans and saw that they have a white coating I need to find a can that isn;t white inside? The round cutters is a good idea too, just frostt hem all together.
I am making a mummy cake for a Halloween party. Previously I have only made mummy heads, this time I want to do the whole body. I want the legs to look rounded and not flat, and I dont think I trust my carving skill enough to cut it from layered sheetcakes. Is there a makeshift way to bake the cakes is a cylinder of some sort that I could then cut them in half to make both the legs have rounded tops? I know i've read about people baking in cans for camera lenses etc....
than you ycknits! I think I found the name of it......slug border? or snail border
I am searching fr a of those things where you see it a million times and now when I need it I can't find it anywhere
There is a border I have seen on some cakes that I love but I'm not sure how to do it, or what tip to use. It is small and flatter and almost tear drop looking in a way. I don;t know if anyone knows what I'm talking about...i'm sorry this is so vague but I'm having a hard time finding it because I don't know the name of the border or the tip used....I will search for a picture
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