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Thank you so much for your help. Will read up on it now
Anyone able to advise me please
If you have not rec'd a payment by the date you set I would then send her an e-mail confirming that due to non payment you are sorry but have taken her out of your diary and will not be available to make her cake.That way you will have your back covered.I have been stung this way before. Made a cake at late notice for someone I did not know (5 days notice) and then came the day for collection and they did not turn up and everytime I rang them they cut me off!I got left...
Just a thought but why not buy them ready made from a local bakery and then all you will have to do is make the decoration.
Hi everyone. I need a little help with making MMF.I have never made this and have been reading up on this and really fancy having a go.Question: do I need to buy marshmellows and melt them down or can I just mix the ingredients that you need to make marshmellows together and make it from that?Thanks in advance
I am hired to make the wedding cake and thats all. I make it, deliver it and set it up I dont feel its down to me if the cake table is decorated or not thats the responsibility of the bride and groom. You would not expect the chef to decorate the tables that his plates of food are put on so I feel the same about the cake table.
What a great thread. Really enjoyed looking at everyones pictures.I did not even know which one of mine was the most saved till I just looked.This is the moset saved..... is another one of my personal fave.....
I use an edible disco dust on my cake and apply it by using dipping solution or clear alcohol.If you use water on a fondant it will go all sticky and not look good IMO
one big fat stacked cake, with kitchen cakes
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