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For what it's worth - if you live in the Midwest near a Hy-Vee grocery store - their store brand mixes are still 18.25 oz and right now are on sale for 99 cents. Don't know how long the bigger size will last - Aldi mixes have recently changed to the 16.5 oz size too.
Thanks - it is the walls that don't hold together long enough. I am curious to try the isomalt as glue - do you just cook it until it's melted? I do make my RI with Wilton meringue powder, not raw eggs so I'm glad to know it isn't my RI. I think I'm using construction grade gingerbread - got my recipe from a gingerbread house website.I am talking about the National Gingerbread competition - would love to attend it sometime just to see all the houses in person. Doing my...
I just made one - I used Amazing Mold Putty that I bought at Hobby Lobby [used a 40% off coupon]. It was really easy and this had no liquid ingredients. Strung some 10mm plastic beads on a wire then just wrapped the putty around it - seemed to work fine. Will test out my handiwork tomorrow on a cake for my sister's birthday.
I see the folks who win gingerbread house contests say that they have been working on the house for months - but it doesn't fall apart - they can even drive them hours at that age. I can't keep one more than 3 weeks before the royal icing is SOOOO dry that the pieces just start falling off. Does anyone know what tricks these professionals use to keep the house together longer? Would adding glycerin to the RI help - I've been using the antonio74 RI recipe. I don't want...
Since it's Christmas time again, I'm just posting a reminder. I have all the patterns and instructions for the NordicWare Build-a-Bear. There is a Santa, a Princess, and a Soccer Player. If you have the pan and need the patterns, just send me a PM with your email address and I will send them to you. I can't post them to a PM - the files are too large.
My writing on cake is terrible - saw this little gadget in a catalog and just wonder if anyone has used it? How does this work - does it really help?
You can get compressors at your local hardware store - they are bigger than you need but I got a regulator also to keep the pressure around 20PSI. 18-25PSI is really all you need for cakes.If you want a smaller one, Google TCPGlobal - they sell compressors, Americolor colors, airbrushes, etc. It may look like an industrial site but they do sell the cake stuff.
People think they can bring little kids anywhere. I'm a cancer doctor and I have folks who bring their adult kids, who then bring the little grandkids to a medical consultation appointment. So they run around the exam room while I'm trying to have a serious discussion with the adults about grampa's cancer treatment - the kids are opening drawers, bugging the parents, etc - and I mean LITTLE kids, 2 or 3 years old. I just want to say to the parents "What WERE you...
How do you get them to stick on the mat? Do you coat a non-sticky mat with shortening or something? Even with a backing, I wouldn't think you would stick a sugar sheet onto a regular sticky cricut mat? (I have a regular cricut expression, not a cricut cake)
I did it - I ordered my new double blade Agbay Jr this week! Decided that I would follow all the advice I got here and not buy the Fat Daddio version that I asked about. Can't wait for it to arrive - don't know where I'm going to store it yet (I'm a hobby baker caking at home) but I'll find a place. No more cutting cakes with wire for me.
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