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Any jam is fine. My Mum (and now me) have been using jam to stick the icing to our christmas cakes for years ... with no ill effects. xx
I agree with Auzzie. Flip your cake so the top is the bottom and you have a perfectly smooth top to ice. I use almond fondant to fill any holes/indents & imperfections and do the sausage technique for the bottom too - this also helps to stablise it and level the cake if it's slightly lopsided. One tip - make sure your don't overfill your holes, it's very easy to turn a molehill into mountain!!I then cover the cake in a thin brush of hot jam and then the almond fondant. ...
it would depend on the size of the holes I guess, the clay gun extruder I have has three different hole sizes so I can change according to what I have made. I used to use the garlic press before I had the clay gun.
Hiya, you could use the garlic press. Good luck.
Hiya,the Wilton no-taste red is a good one. I usually use pink to get a base colour and then add red until you get the colour you want. Reason for this is you can use an entire pottle of red otherwise! Good luck.
It is OK to freeze egg yolks, I did read that you can mix them with either salt or sugar (depending on how you plan to use them later), this apparently helps to emulsify them. Hope that helps.
I second that, so long as your cake is dowelled properly you can travel with the four tiers. I deliver all my wedding cakes and do prefer to assemble the bottom two tiers at home and then place the top tier or tiers at the venue though - just to be on the safe side, all of my cakes are fondant. Depends on the type of design and whether it can be quickly assembled on site, I (personally) definitley wouldn't be spending any more than 15 minutes on site assembling and...
Cool that is ... (yoda speak). Wow, that is awesome, saved to favs for a rainy day.
There are definitely cakes that I have created that 'no-one could ever afford to pay me to replicate', both because of the time/effort involved and because of who they were for. I laughed when I read the OP as I have said this to friends before as well, my other favourite is when friends ask me for my best seller recipe - to that I reply 'sure, then you better say your prayers 'cos I'm gonna have to kill you'. Both comments always said with a smile and a wink.
I tend to always recommend 6, 9, 12 rounds. They just look visually attractive and the top of the 6" is big enough to hold a decent amount of decoration but not so big as to look oversized.
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