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I stopped having bulging issues when I changed my icing recipe to one that didn't contain any liquid.....just 2 cups butter 2 cups vegetable shortening 2 tablespoons vanilla and 2 pounds powdered sugar.  It seems, at least for me, that when the sugar is "wet" by a liquid, be it water, milk, creamer, etc., it tends to want to slowly flow, causing the bulging to occur.  I haven't had that issue in many years now.
My opinion...PASS!  Way too much headache for me!
I pretty much agree with the rest...once word gets out that you are willing to negotiate, you'll get a whole lot of unwanted business!
Anyone ever used one of these for writing/drawing on a cake?  Looks interesting....
Not sure what role the pan would play in a cake sinking....that's generally more of a leaving balance issue.  The problem I've experienced with FD pans is that my cakes come out with a very dark brown crust, even when using baking strips.  I am assuming it has something to do with the anodized finish they add to their pans.  I much prefer my Magic Line cake sides are so light colored they look like I've trimmed the crust off my layers!
I would probably use the graham crackers...that way you don't have to deal with humidity being an issue.  For this type application a 2:1 ratio of water to corn syrup works well......piping gel also works well as an adhesive....warm it a bit in the microwave to make it more fluid first.
I've used glycerine several times now and the lace dries fine and has remained usable for months.
The only way I will ever refund on a cake is if the customer returns the whole, uneaten cake.....otherwise you have people just trying to get a free cake out of the deal!!!
PM me and I will send you a link to a leveler I really like......
I agree with Leah....freezing cakes has gotten a bad rap due to many people's perception of the grocery store cake that arrives frozen on a truck, often for months, and gets iced from a big old tub of chemical icing.  But a well made cake properly wrapped and frozen will yield a great cake when decorated.   I freeze mine at least overnight, but sometimes two to three days depending on my schedule...I ice my cakes frozen straight from the freezer, then allow them to sit...
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