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I do both if the cake is 10 inches or larger.....
My white cake uses 4 whites....when I make yellow cake, I use two large whole eggs plus 3 large egg yolks.  I usually add a drop or two of yellow coloring too since even with whole eggs the cakes really isn't "yellow" enough.  Most people are expecting the color of boxed mix yellow cake, so adding a bit of color helps distinguish the cake more from a white cake.
Count me in!
I agree very much.  I miss the days of piped cakes and buttercream flowers.  I know taste and style have to change, but I still long for those days sometimes.  I think there was value in the anticipation of those publications days if you want something, you simply Google it and its there....but I looked forward tor receiving Mailbox News and certainly the annual yearbook.  I guess I'm just old and waxing nostalgic.....
You could easily get an effect like that using one of the spreadable lace mats (Sugarveil, Sugardress, Claire Bowman, etc.) on the market.  Once applied to the cake you would then airbrush the whole thing gold.
If that's the case Wilton may soon disappear altogether.  With so many other resources available for cake decorating now, without their ideas in the yearbook, I'm afraid they will be lost in the shuffle.
Will there be a 2015 Wilton Yearbook this year?  I haven't seen anything yet at the craft stores and the yearbook is usually out before now......
I have much better luck with the Sugar Dress brand mix than I do with Sugar Veil...just a personal preference I guess.  I used some lace a week ago that was made on March 15 and it was still just as flexible and usable as it was back then.
I don't know...this is one of those so called "wacky cakes" that has no eggs.  I've tried the chocolate cakes before and they are good.  I tried an vanilla version once, though, and it was rather heavy and oily...nothing like the chocolate texture.  If you don't have a good scratch recipe, I'd do a mix at least on this one.
Have you tried using a different brand of mix?  "Pudding in the mix" type cakes tend to shrink somewhat anyway, so this could be the issue.  Are they baking to the full height of the wrapper?  If not, this can cause them to shrink too and even seperate from the wrapper.
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