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I read somewhere about using this on a cake underneath fondant so that the filling doesn't squish out and show through the fondant. I can't seem to find out what it actually is.
Someone said the straws should be put 1-2 inches apart. If each straw is filled with cake, I'm thinking that most of the inside area of the cake will be taken up with the straws and there won't be much cake left to eat. Am I right? Maybe someone has a picture showing the top of a tier right after they put the straws in to show what it would look like.
I was wondering how long chocolate can be kept. I was thinking maybe 6 months if it is stored where it is cool, but not sure. Can it be frozen? I have some that is 55% dark chocolate but not sure how to store it.
I made a large batch of MMF and wanted a nice taste of white chocolate. I melted the chocolate and kneaded it in but didn't get much chocolate taste so I added more. I think I added too much and now after sitting for a couple days, it is very firm. I know I can microwave it in order to roll it out but I'm concerned that after it is on the cake, it will get really firm again. Is there anyway to make it softer again? Maybe kneading in water? Maybe some crisco? If I...
Thanks for the link! I did look at that previously. I'm thinking the only problem with using her recipe is that my bride and groom want something that tastes like ganache on the cake. In the link, she is just using bacically thinned out chocolate. I think it would be a much different taste. If I could just find out how to get the ganache to set up firmer, that would be ideal.
The reception will be inside but I'm not sure yet about the a/c situation. A couple of your replys brought up a couple more questions. Is there a way to make the ganache firmer and stand up better if it is a less than ideal situation? What kind of cake would make a firmer cake?
Are some kind better (more sturdy) than others? I heard somewhere that the one at Bed, Bath and Beyond were not very sturdy compared to ones at asian markets and restaurant supply stores. How would you tell the best ones?
I have heard alot about people using them but not sure what benefits would be of using these instead of dowels?
I have not delivered a wedding cake in ages so I am wanting to get some advice. I just booked a cake for a June wedding. The wedding starts at 4pm and the reception starts at 6pm. The wedding is going to be outdoors next to where the reception is going to be. I would like to set up the cake at 5pm, an hour before the reception. They want me to set it up before the wedding, which means I would set it up at 3pm and being that they are going to have dinner at the...
I have a wedding cake to make in June. It is 3 tier stacked right on top of each other and they want buttercream frosting with ganache poured on top and drizzled partway down the sides. The cake will be set up about 3 hours before the reception. I am concerned with the ganache being too soft and maybe melting. Is there a way to make it so that it firms up more? I mix my chocolate with heavy cream but have heard some people use half cream and half vegetable oil? What...
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