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Thanks for the great ideas everyone! Hopefully I get the job. I think the hard part will be knowing what prices to charge since I usually don't make these kind of desserts to sell.
I got a request from a woman getting married in February. Instead of a wedding cake, she is wanting a table of various desserts such as pie, etc. She said the main thing she wants is for them to look like Laura Ingalls Wilder made them or like Grandma made. Any ideas on which desserts to make and how to decorate the table to get that look? I think it would be fun to do but not sure how to do it.
I have read some reviews about printers but they are older reviews. I know companies are always updating their models so I was wanting to know if anyone has bought a printer recently that is working out very well for them.  Also, what paper and ink is the best to use?
My old stand mixer just went out and I have 6 cake orders for this week. I need a Kitchenaid that is easy to use and reliable but also large enough to make large quantities of buttercream at a time. I was looking at the Artisian 5 quart but then noticed that there is a Kitchenaid professional 6 quart that has a lot more watts of power. It is $100 more than the Artisian. If it will work better and last longer I would be glad to pay more since I make from 5-7 cakes a week.
I made a bunch of isomalt diamonds to use on a wedding cake.  I have used them on one other cake but instead of being sparkly, they are clear so they don't really show up.  I read one suggestion of painting the backs of them with silver luster dust but that did not do a bit of good.  I have seen individual sparkly diamond looking things on wedding cakes but I don't know how they would get them that way using isomalt.  Is it possible that people are using individual ones...
I had an inquiry about making a Pink Champagne cake for a wedding. I have never made this before. Since I don't drink and have never tasted Champagne, how do I know what the cake is supposed to taste like? Does it taste like Champagne? Anyone suggest a good recipe for it?
I'm not sure about using the RI on the Blossom Fondant since it has buttercream frosting in it. I'm thinking that maybe the RI will break down after its piped on the cookie because of the grease. Anyone have any ideas?
I have a customer that want's a cake that is decorated in buttercream. The design looks like vertical ribbons in rows one after another all around the sides of the cake. I did a search online for ribbon cakes and came up with nothing. Another design she wants looks like cakes I have seen done where they put strips of ruffled fondant all around the sides of the cake but this one is done in buttercream. Anyone have any ideas on where to find out how to do these techniques?
I have a wedding coming up next month and the bride asked if she could have one tier of the cake blueberry and some of the cupcakes also. I have never made a blueberry layer cake before. I am concerned that it would be heavy like blueberry muffins. Does anyone have a layer cake recipe that would work well with this? I would like it to be one that uses a cake mix or an extender recipe (WASC)
I bought a soccer ball pan which is the big one that looks like half of a ball. I was wondering if I could make 2 of the cakes and put them together to make one complete soccer ball. Is that possible?
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