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Yeah. that was my first thought when she sent the picture was that someone dropped the box on that one side,  I cant believe how far out the side of the cake is from where it used to be.  The dowels that are visible in the cake were underneath the top cake and the pink frosting on top of the left side of the bottom cake was actually the border around the top cake.  That shows how far out it blew out.  I'm still in shock.
As you can see, the whole bottom of the cake has been pushed out very far all the way from the front to the back on that one side.  My reason for thinking that they dropped the whole box on one side is because all the dowels in the bottom cake are still standing straight up,  It seems like if the cake collapsed, the dowels would be at an angle and also because of the huge extent of damage to it.  It also looks like someone's fingerprint on top of the top cake and on the...
How do I post the pictures?
I have made probably hundreds of tier cakes the same way over the past 5 years and never had a problem with one collapsing until now so I'm not sure if it was something I did or something the customer did after they picked it up. It was a 2-tier, 8" and 10", buttercream covered, chocolate cake bottom tier with strawberry pastry filling, vanilla top tier with vanilla buttercream filling.  The cake sat for a day and a half  at my house with no sign of any problems.  The...
I just received a wedding order for August and the theme is going to be Victorian.  I have to make 30 centerpiece cakes (6").  What is the best and easiest way to make fondant lace for the cakes.  I need to come up with about 8 different cake designs since they do not want them all to look the same.  Any suggestions on the best place to buy lace molds or cutters and what is the best kind to get.
When I attach a paper label to a cake with fondant, I use double stick tape to attach waxed paper to the back of the label.  Then I use piping gel to attach it to the cake.  Using the waxed paper under the label will keep the non-edible ink from coming through the paper onto the fondant, which would be eaten. 
Thanks for the great ideas everyone! Hopefully I get the job. I think the hard part will be knowing what prices to charge since I usually don't make these kind of desserts to sell.
I got a request from a woman getting married in February. Instead of a wedding cake, she is wanting a table of various desserts such as pie, etc. She said the main thing she wants is for them to look like Laura Ingalls Wilder made them or like Grandma made. Any ideas on which desserts to make and how to decorate the table to get that look? I think it would be fun to do but not sure how to do it.
I have read some reviews about printers but they are older reviews. I know companies are always updating their models so I was wanting to know if anyone has bought a printer recently that is working out very well for them.  Also, what paper and ink is the best to use?
My old stand mixer just went out and I have 6 cake orders for this week. I need a Kitchenaid that is easy to use and reliable but also large enough to make large quantities of buttercream at a time. I was looking at the Artisian 5 quart but then noticed that there is a Kitchenaid professional 6 quart that has a lot more watts of power. It is $100 more than the Artisian. If it will work better and last longer I would be glad to pay more since I make from 5-7 cakes a week.
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