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I have read so many posts about people loving the SPS system.  I was wondering if anyone has had a cake disaster when using the system.  Seems like everyone loves it but is there anyone who has had problems with using it or problems with the cakes that they have used it in?  I'm trying to decide which cake system is best. 
I thought the PVC pipes are food grade since they carry water into homes.  If they aren't food grade, I have a big question about that to Bronwen Weber.  I bought her Caddywampus cake system and paid big bucks for it and she uses PVC pipes in it.  I wouldn't think that a famous cake designer would use something that is not safe. 
The SPS is the same as the Stress Free System?  When I looked at the video of the Stress Free System, it was made with metal rings and legs that screwed on.  I thought the SPS system had plastic plates and plastic legs that you cut or the come pre-made to a certain length instead of screwing them on to the right length.
I am looking to purchase a support system for tier cakes.  I did a search online and it came up with this Stress Free system.  I am wondering if anyone has tried it and the pros and cons of using it.  I had read on this forum about the SPS system but when I read the comments of people saying they found the plastic legs had cracked or splintered at the ends, that really made me concerned about using that.  If the supports cracked, not only could the cake fall but also...
I had a  request from a customer to make a carnival design cake that is like a funnel-type flavor cake and filling.  I have never heard of anything like that and when I do a search online, all I get are recipes for regular funnel cakes.  Any ideas?
Yes, I thought it was very strange for the customer to say that the cake was that way when they opened the box.  But the picture shows that the cake had to have  been taken out of the box because the plastic ware is in there.  But everything else in the picture is exactly the way we boxed it up.  So I thought that was very strange to have taken the cake out of the box and then put it back exactly like it was just to take the picture.  Can't figure out why someone would do...
Lunita13, I don't think I was reading too much into the way the cake was in the picture because I was trying to use the picture to figure out why the cake collapsed. If it was from something I did, I want to be able to correct it so this doesn't happen again. If it was caused by the customer, then I don't have to be so paranoid about having this happen again or changing the way I do my cakes after doing things the same way for 5 years.
The cake before the collapse
Also, I had put down a very thin layer of buttercream on top of the cake before I put on the sleeve filling so the filling would not soak into the cake. 
To answer the question about the cake sitting for a day and a half, yes, I finished the cake the morning before the pickup (which was 2pm the next day) and the cake was in a small room that was very cool with air conditioning on.  The woman did not ask for her money back and didn't even really complain about it.  She just said that the next time she orders a cake from us, she will have us deliver it. The picture of the cake in the box is very strange not only because it...
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