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I used a stencil that I made and just the tubed black frosting that you can get in the cake decorating section at Joanne's or Michaels. I used my pampered chef stoneware scraper to spread the frosting on little parts at a time... It came out almost perfect the first time... If you are worried about trying the technique for the first time, you can roll out a piece of fondant on the counter, and practice a time or two before doing it on the actual cake. Hope this...
I'm retarded...I don't know why I assumed I needed to cover them. I always use the cake boards that I get from Michaels or Joanns that are for cakes. Thanks!
What do you guys use to cover cake boards between layers? I know you can't use them as cardboard, but if you cover in Foil, the backside has tape on it... I've tried covering the back side of the foil with a circle of parchment paper (attached with frosting) What's the best way of doing this? For square cakes I usually just cover the whole thing in foil and put the tape on the underside, but I have problems with rounds.I've seen the systems that you use do separate and...
Thanks, This helps a lot. I've been researching bakeries and the range for fondant is about 3.50-4.25 per serving (not including any fancy decorations) I'm not charging for my time, just the supplies for this, since it's my wedding gift to the kids. It will probably end up around $150 that I will charge them. I really LOVE this stenciling technique, it is so much easier than the regular decorating that I do. The pink cake literally took 15 min once I got the fondant on....
Looking for some feedback on how much you would charge for this cake.I have attached pics of the Stencil technique I want to use for the cake, as well as a diagram of sizes and placement of he cakes. The black parts are going to be boxes that I will cover with satin fabric or paint for cake stands. These are being built by the Groom's Dad.I'm making this at cost for a dear friend's son, but want to know how much something like this should cost.Any input would be appreciated.
If you don't have a facebook page, you should start one. I post pics of my cakes just to show folks what I'm doing. I get requests almost every time I post a new pic of folks wanting me to do cakes.
Crushed chocolate graham crackers?
can you use an easter egg pan for the balloon, and just cut some off the tip???Just a thought. I have never made an easter egg cake or a hot air balloon.good luck!
I made a castle cake, but did not use the kit... Square cake w/ knotches cut out of the corners. I made rice krispie treat towers with covered cones for the roofs. I put in a angled skewer to hold the tower to teh cake (in addition to using butter cream) and filled the cones with RKT and had another skewer to hold on the cones... hope this make sense. you can see the pic on my profile. I think it turned out okay.
Can you make the middle layer thinner? I'm doing a 3 tier this weekend for about 30. 9 in (two 2 in layers) 8 in (one 2 in layer) 6 in (two 2 in layers).Also, they may want to keep the top layer for that silly top layer in the freezer for your first anniversary tradition. ???
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