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Love that idea of a personal three-ring binder for reference.  I have intentions of doing that myself.  I have so many sticky notes inside cabinet doors, on top of the shortening can, on the backs of recipes, on the fridge, on my dresser (you know, after emptying my pockets).  Never thought of including photos though.  I think I just decided on a new-year's resolution.  
I read a excellent article recently on a Craftsy blog about the effect of mixing modeling chocolate and fondant.  She did an experiment with 50/50 and found that the combination was best for covering a cake, but not good for making upright figures.  The combination did not hold it's shape as well as either modeling chocolate or fondant separately.  Don't know if I can post a link but I'll try.
The day I posted that comment I found it on amazon.  I went looking for it again a couple of weeks ago and couldn't find a six-inch roll, nor can I find it today.  Boo.
Thank you mrbakery!!!!  Just read your blog post.  That information satisfies my inner scientist.  You really can't argue with math.
Just to follow up, SMBC did adhere to ganache.  Though I did trim my cake, I decided to crumb coat with white chocolate ganache because I wanted to mask the darker color of the cake in case I applied too much pressure while texturing (I'm a novice).
Thanks both of you.  I think I'll trim my cake to allow for a thicker layer of icing.  Trimming will also ensure the cake depth is consistent too so there will be less chance that I'll get too close to the cake in spots (as long as I keep my pressure steady).
Yeah, that makes sense too.  My icing is as thick as my un-trimmed cake and the cardboard round.  I also thought about trimming my cake to allow for more icing.  I need to use the edge of the board as a guide.
I want to texture buttercream (horizontal spiral) around a cake by pressing with the tip of my spatula as I turn the cake.  When I practice this technique, my spatula gets too close to the cake in places and makes the cake slightly visible in those spots.  I was thinking about crumb coating with white chocolate ganache, letting it set up, then filling the gap between the ganache and the board with buttercream and then texturing.  I'm thinking that would at least hide the...
It's probably based on a 18.25-ounce box.  I'd weigh it.
Thanks for you reply.  My cake is not due until this coming Friday, so it's timely as well as useful. 
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