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I have never been able to use Fondarific alone for any kind of cutout or the like.  But I do really like it for covering cakes. What I actually do is mix SI and F together to cover the cakes which works beautifully for me.  For cutouts though I use Wilton (if I know they won't be eaten) or SI alone.
Exactly this.  I refuse to buy anymore 2" pans!
I only use 3" pans.  However I always bake 2 layers.  I use them just like a 2" pan in that I put the amount of batter in them that I need for  2" layer. I find that I actually get a full 2" layer out of them once I level them this way.    I'll never buy another 2" pan again :D
I do just what Annie does with great results
Really? 31 views and not one person had a thought or opinion on this?
I'm doing some experimenting with Red Velvet recipes this week. Since they all call for 1oz or so of food colouring I'm assuming that they mean the liquid stuff from the grocery store?I use Americolours for everything though and am wondering if I can use that in my cake instead. If so, how should I adjust the amount of colour? Americolours are pretty strong so should I decrease by half? more?TIA
I like to mix Fondarific and Sating Ice together. Saves a bit on coast and improves what I don't like about both brands.
Hmm no I didn't buy MTC or SCAL when I got my Cricut since I thought I'd figure it out first (wrong )I do have a friend with an old version of MTC, if she has the disk do you think I could install it maybe?
What if I haven't updated my Cricut? I bought one last summer and it's been in a box until pretty much now. Would I be able to use MTC or SCAL do you think?
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