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I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dragon!!
So after making my first ever turkey cake, my brother in law and husband had me send in a pic to our local news station, as our weather man routinely shows cool pictures before he does the weather.Well they showed it and kept joking and hinting to bring them one! I wish I had the time to do it! lol. Of course im no business so They only said my name and hometown, but it was so cool! It was also very fun to see the other anchors surprised looks when he said it was a turkey...
I agree mom of 4. I get told it tastes like a cross between white cake and angel food. Its also pretty light when i make it. Can I use whole eggs to make it a little denser?
it was marked instore at $1.00 but the ad says .82, lol. ill just make sure they adjust if it comes up 1.00. Also, for those that use all butter buttercream--the great value butter is on sale too! My area has it for $1.50 from 2.28!
no kidding! i went in to look at the halloween candy to see if they had fall m&ms for a barrel cake and spotted all the wilton! i even got a 4.5lb tub of the orange decorators icing for $3! figured it was worth it with all the fall themed goodies i have to do this month! Oh, and the sprinkles were .50, so got a bunch of the leaves sprinkles. too cute!
Hit up 2 walmarts and scored a bunch of black green and some orange melts for .60 a piece!! Fall cookies cutters were 1.50! I scored $60 of stuff for $15. Its all 75% off at my walmart. Check em out ladies!
Ok so I bought everything I needed for Buttercream dream--NOT! got home and dont have crisco and no time to run to the store again. ugh. So im going to make smbc. My question is, I want to double the recipe, and use 6 sticks of butter. But I have one box of unsalted and one box of salted. Will it be ok if I use 4 un and 2 salted?Thanks!!
Also, DONT lift your icing spatula! It may pull the stuff underneath up.
i have used sugarshacks recipe with fbct with wonderful results!
So I LOVE using the enhanced cake mix for a moist dense-ish cake! But I have always used the 'optional' butter. Tonight I only have half as much butter as I need, will that be ok? Will it make the cake seem off? Or will it make it less dense? Asap answers are appreciated! Hoping to bake it in just a bit! Thanks!!!
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