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There are a few threads floating around here about getting legal in VA if you want to look those up that offer step by step directions- I recently moved to MD, but was had a legal VA home bakery for two years. The person that mentioned the door for your kitchen is correct. The pets cannot have access to the kitchen at all- and since I had a cat (with the doorway separating her and the kitchen at all times) they had me make several food products and tested for pet hair.
That place in Henderson doesn't stock bulk icing. I went there since there is no other place to get supplies- and I found the store quite small and overpriced. It was cheaper to buy items online even when you add in the shipping.
You can try walmart- I have heard some people have gotten them to sell them a tub or two.
That depends, are you licensed to sell cakes? If you are I would at least charge for ingredients and labor- if you aren't you should give it as a gift no charge.
You can try Sams club- but unless you go to Michaels and buy small tubs, there aren't any supply stores that sell icing by the tub.
Use an 8 inch pan to see if your proportions will work- also don't forget to add a neck! It's hard to tell from your pic of the head if there is a neck. RKT keeps for awhile.
Oh and dowels for support just like a tiered cake.
Rice Krispy Treats, or a foam head like you would put a wig on. Personally I would use RKT.  
I also use crisco on hands to keep it from sticking- also if it's too sticky- add more krispies to balance out the ratio.
If you look in my gallery there is a spiderman cake done in fondant. I also did not want to use styrofoam so I used rice krispy treats for the head.
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