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Oh man, I am soooo sorry. I just can't wait to open my own bakery (I work for a bakery right now) but reading what you posted kind of scares me. I want to open a bakery in a bigger city (our town is pretty small) but I know it will be harder and take more time...I know the permit people have more on their plates than a little ol' bakery opening up. I love the look you were going for...very inviting. {Hug}
Looks like the battery operated tea lights. I used them for halloween in my pumpkins.
I "paint" a thin layer of piping gel on the dummy part and apply the fondant...sticks like glue. I agree with stephaniescakenj on the edges...I hate it when they tear.
I tried to send a PM but it never went through. I work in Corona CA. I would be interested in making a cake for her.Brandy
I wouldn't be offended...It could be that she doesn't want to put you out more than you are. You told her that you are not charging her so she probably feels that having her mom bake the cake is one less step you have to worry about. I would LOVE it if the people who ask me to do a cake would just show up with a baked cake and say "here, decorate it". I LOVE decorating, I HATE baking.
[quote="andpotts"]There was a lady in the Walmart line with me who said she has the expression...she said she uses it for scrapbooking...when I told her I was going to use it for cake decorating, she looked at me like I had two heads, LOL. I explained to her what we do with it
Oh man, so you guys can't wait in your own lines to get it cause you had to work ( That stinks. I'm sorry. I am still trying to figure mine out. I think I really need to let the gumpaste dry a bit more than I am but i am worried of letting it dry too much. I will figure it out though. Hope you get one soon
Andrea...Thank you so much for the info. I do want to just jump into it but was getting frustrated with it. I will check out the websites you suggested and I want to get the dvd's by Linda McClure. Thanks again
Ok, so I am playing with it right now and I am getting frustrated...How thin do I have to roll the gumpaste?? It just seems to pull it up off the little mat thing.?. I need to research this some more, LOL. And yes mariahbakes...YAY for Black Friday!
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